New Items 3/18/2014

Here are the new picks for the week!

Also I am thinking about sending out the list at 7 during day light
savings time if that works for every one.

And as always please be clear if you want an item or are just asking a
question. And if you get an item promply arrange pickup and payment
with me. I will always work with you if you keep me informed.

1975 Pearl Beer moving waterfall sign. I believe everything works on
the sign. Size is 17×16. I would like to get $175 for it and I believe
it is worth twice that or more.

Vintage 1970s? Miller bouncing ball sign. The balls bounce along the
top and the color of the letters change. It seems to work fine. $45

36 vintage metal gas station letters. Each one is 23.5×9. I believe
there are some of each number except 1 (one). They have not been
cleaned yet but over all are in pretty good shape. I would like $75
for the entire lot.

Hand painted shelf with hearts. Some chips on top corners. Size
34.5×27.75×11. $35

Green bucket with drain holes. Perfect for a flower pot. 11.5×11. –

Vintage metal step ladder. It is 27.5 tall. It is very solid but needs
new pads on the steps. $20

Shabby chic dresser. Size is 48x17x32. It is not old but is in good
shape it seems like. One drawer is chipped (see picture). Needs a
little cleaning up. $50

Buggy seat bench with iron fittings. It is not in the best condition
but would look pretty on a porch with flower pots on it. There are
slats in the center and it looks like it used to have a cushion there
maybe. It would need to be rebuilt if you wanted to be able to sit on
it. $30

Sale – (Person did not pick it up last week. And I could not find the
info on who else wanted it. ) Teal green primitive trunk. Looks like
it has old hardware as the hinges match the white cabinet listed above. It is 38×18.5×21. $35

Sale – (These were not picked up last week.) Two large orange hand
made wood tool boxes.

Larger one is 40x18x12. It is missing a latch on the front but you can still buy them. It does not have writing on the inside of the top like the small one. $30

Smaller orange trunk. 40x17x11. One hinge is broken but you can still buy this stile. Also one rope handle is broken. $30

pearl beer sign 02

miller sign 02

miller beer sign

pearl beer sign 01

gas station letters

hand panted shelf

bucket and stool

white shabby chic dresser

buggy seat bench

teal trunk

two orange tool boxes

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