New Items 3/11/2014

Here are the new picks for the week!

As always please be clear on if you want an item or are just asking a
question. Also please be prompt in returning emails and arranging
pickup and payments. Thanks!

Seth Thomas wall clock from the 1920s I think. It is 16″ across. The
face and case seem to be original but some one has replaced the
mechanism. Also it needs new glass but the brass door is there for it.
The clock seems to work but I did not check to see if it keeps good
time. $25

Vintage 1940s? IBM master clock. These clocks would be the master
clock for a building and send out the time to all the other clocks.
The clock has been rewired and works and I think it has the original
mechanism. The pieces in the bottom half that send out the signal to
the rest of the clocks has been removed. The clock is 43x16x8 and it
made to hang on the wall. $80

IBM clock detail.

Vintage white shabby chic cabinet with original hardware. This
cabinet has been trimmed on the left side to fit in a corner. The
other side is fine. It has has about a 5 by 5 spot on the top in the
back that has been trimmed. It is 48.5x32x13.25. $60

6 foot long metal cemetary style fence. It is 35″ tall. It is in good
shape but one weld has come loose. It is not antique but has a very
nice look. $50

Pink shabby chic corner shelf out of old house. 31.5×13. $30

Vintage milk jug from Fort Worth. 18.5 tall. Some tar on the back. $10

Teal green primitive trunk. Looks like it has old hardware as the
hinges match the white cabinet listed above. It is 38×18.5×21. $40

Vintage what metal cabinet. It is missing the glass for the top but
it will be easy to have it cut and the edges rounded. it is 63x24x11.

Vintage bird cage. $20

Vintage cast iron bear can opener. $10

Two large orange hand made wood tool boxes.

Larger one is 40x18x12. It is missing a latch on the front but you can
still buy them. It does not have writing on the inside of the top like
the small one. $35

Smaller orange trunk. 40x17x11. One hinge is broken but you can still
buy this stile. Also one rope handle is broken. $35

Vintage green glider. It is in good shape with no rust holes and
glides fine. It has some tree sap and surface rust on it but will
clean up fine or you could paint it. $80

Sale – Vintage sewing machine reduced to $30.

seth thomas wall clock back

seth thomas wall clock

ibm clock detailjpg

ibm clock face

ibm clock

white kitchen cabinet

white kitchen cabinet front

six foot section metal fence

pink corner cabinet and jug

teal trunk

white metal cabinet missing glass doors on top

birdcage and bear can opener

two orange tool boxes

green motel glider

sewing machine without drawers

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