New Items 2/4/2014

New picks for this week and sale items.

36″ folding round project table. This table is perfect for a shabby chic project. It has great lines to it. Originaly it had a padded leather center. (the white stuff is a little bit of the padding I did not have time to get off.) This center circle could be painted an alternating color or a pattern or picture. Or you could put a material back in the center. I also love how it folds to be stored. Sadly it did not come with the leaf. $25

Antique phone accordian / scissor arm. I love these to make lights out of and for other projects. $50

Vintage Industrial 16″ green enamel porcelain light. This one was setup to hang by the cord but will need a new cord and fixture inside. It could also be made to mount directly. $25

Vintage bike pump. $10

White shabby chic table. Cute table that just came in. I did not even have time to wipe the dust and dirt off. It is 24.5x23x14.75. $15

Sale – Vintage scale 8.5 across. For some reason it has been painted. I think it would look nice with the numbers painted back on or with stick on numbers. $8

Sale –
Antique Crown pump organ piece. Lots of neet projects you can make this. The knobs are fantastic(The back is not flat but would need to be cut down to hang flat. ) It is 38.5 wide. Price $20

round table project 02

round table project

Accordion Scissor Arm

light - pump and table

scale painted

crown organ piece

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