New Items 1/28/2014

New items for the week!

White sewing machine and attachments. I believe if this machine was cleaned and oiled it would probably work. And as you can see it comes with a lot of attachements. The one problem that is not apparent is that one of the drawers is broken. Most of the back part of one is missing. But the other three drawers seem to be solid. I would like $60 for everything.

Two vintage porcelain hopsital trays. They are 18×14.5. They just came in today and I have not had a chance to clean them up. $15 for the pair.

Small vintage fan 11″ tall. It is very dirty but came on and worked. It has a little vibration but probably not enoug to hurt it. Possibly cleaning the fan blades would fix this. $10

Vintage flower sifter $3

Vintage bucket 9″ tall. $10

Pair of vintage funnels. $10 for the pair.

Vintage scale 8.5 across. For some reason it has been painted. I think it would look nice with the numbers painted back on or with stick on numbers. $10

Small vintage hand made scent holder. It looks to be made from an aluminum tea strainer. The main part of it is about 6″ tall when hanging. Not counting the top cord and hook. $8

Vintage mid century modern fan. This is a project piece it does not have a power cord. I do not know what it will need to get going. But its cheap $10. (It was never picked up from last week and I lost the list of the other people who wanted it. Very sorry if your name was on the list for the fan. )

Antique Crown pump organ piece. Lots of neet projects you can make this. The knobs are fantastic(The back is not flat but would need to be cut down to hang flat. ) It is 38.5 wide. Price $25 (Never picked up from past sale.)

Legged stove base table base – 23x40x24. $35 (Never picked up from past sale.)
white sewing machine 04

scent holder

hospital trays

scale painted

fan and sifter

bucket and funnels

white sewing machine 03

white sewing machine 02

white sewing machine01

small fan

crown organ piece

stove base redo

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