New Items 1/21/2014

Here are the new items for this week!

Here is a great project piece dresser. I believe from the style and construction it is from the 1850s. This piece still needs a lot of work but will be amazing when its done. It will need some of the drawer sliders glued back in. It will need some pieces of the drawers glued back together and other loose joints glued. And it will need either painted or redone and stained etc. Because it needs work I will take $45 for it. I also have a piece of marble that I believe will fit the top and I would take $25 for the marble. Another option would be to turn this into a bathroom sink. 🙂

Vintage Detecto produce/butchers scale. This is the kind used in shops that would have a pan or school hanging under it. It is 8.5 across. They look great when hung up with a pan under them like in an old store. $30.

Large lot of vintage Fisher Price toys. I loved these when I was a kid 🙂 $30. The house alone sale for more than that on ebay.

Vintage cast iron saw vice. The jaws are 9.5 across. These work great for monting antique signs or even for holding saws. $20

Vintage mid century modern fan. This is a project piece it does not have a power cord. I do not know what it will need to get going. But its cheap $10.

Mid century modern desk top paper organizer. It has a great shape to it. $15

Vintage Atari cx-2600 A. Untested $8

I am also selling my Nexus 7 tablet if any one needs a good tablet. I will take $95 for it.

mid centery modern paper organizer fisher price atari detecto scale small fan saw  vice 1850s dresser project 04 1850s dresser project 03 1850s dresser project 02 1850s dresser project 01

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