New Items 1/14/2014

Well I am feeling a little better now so here is a new list of items. As you will see there are more toys thanks to the great demand from last time.

And as you can see there are not many industrial of antique items. This is because I have been to sick to go look. I should have more next time.

Vintage Studabaker tailgate. I think they went out of business in the 1960s so the date is before then. Size is about 16×49. As you can see it has some dents and bends and rust. But with a little work will make a nice banch back or will even look nice on a wall or fence. $50

Lot of vintage 1970s and 1980s star wars toys. $50

Lot of vintage Robotech and Battletech items. $40

Lot of GI Toys. Boat is missing on rudder on the back. $10

Lot of vintage Transformer toys. $10

Vintage Zoid and diecast Japanese robot. $10

zoid and japanse robot robotech toys transformer toys GI Joe toys star wars toys studabaker tailgate

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