New Items 11/5/2013

Here are the new picks for this week. Because of rain all pictures were taken indoors without time to get proper lights. So colors will tend to be a little off.

Very nice mid century modern abstract painting. It looks like it is signed John Thomas and dated 1963. It shows the adress as Fort Worth on the back and the price from ack then at $165. It still has the vintage modern frame and is ready to hang on the wall. It has slight damage where there are a few chips on the front and a couple of slight indentions. This does not seem to hurt the viewing of it unless you get very close to it to. I have not researched the artist but even average artists from this time frame can be worth a large price. I am pricing it as an unknown artist and wholesale at $250. It could be worth much more money than this. And even if it is not its a wonder piece of original vintage art for this price. Size is 42×31.5

Vintage abstract art looks to be signed Jesus and dated as 1973. This piece is done on paper and framed behind glass. It shows it was framed in Fort Worth and came out of the same house as the other painting so is probably local. I have also not had a chance to track down the artist. The size is 26×20 and its in very nice shape. Priced low like the other piece at $100.

Teak mid century modern trash can made by Servex in Sweden. These start at about $40 on ebay even with chips and up to about $80 or more. I will take $35 for this one and its in nice shape. I have not even had a chance to clean it and oil it. It will look amazing with a little furniture polish on it. It is 13″ tall.

Vintage Souix Tools sign on masonite. It is 30×10. I would like $20 for it.

Vintage license plates. The California one is 1963 but was hidden under the sticker. It needs the rest of the sticker cleaned off and yellow paint in the indentions to look nice. Plates are $10 each.

Wood parts from old antique pump organs. One piece is 10×40 and the other piece is 4.5 x38.5. I would like $10 for the small piece and $25 for the large piece.

Antique speaker cover with cloth backing. Cloth is very fragile. Size is 15×21. I would like $15.

license plates 02 license plates 01 sioux tools sign speaker cover organ wood 01 Jesus mid century painting mid century modern trashcan john thomas painting

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