New Items 10/9/2013

Here are the new picks for this week.

Two double sided porcelain 20×28 Amalie Oil signs. These signs are in nice shape for their age. I would like $325 for sign one and $300 for sign two. The pictures are marked as what sign they are. The cheapest price I have seen one of these go for online was $357 on ebay. Get these while you can I do not find them very often These have not been shined or polished I just wiped the dust off.

Antique weathervane and lightning rod with original red glass and star pattern. I believe there is enough of the legs to still mount it to a piece of wood. $80

Antique weathervane and lightning rod missing glass. $35

Antique lightning rod poll $5

Philco Bakelite 46-420 Radio missing back cover but works. $45 To be save it really needs some one to to go through it and check the wiring etc.

Iconic 1950s Philco Predicta TV. These were the first TVs what where not just a box with a tube in it. Could probably be made to work again taken to a shop to have looked over and made safe. I did not try and plug it in. $85

Antique butter church crock with church but missing top. You can by tops on ebay for not much money. It has a crack on the back side as you can see from the picture. It is 16″ tall. $30

Water well pulley. The pulley is considered a 9″ one I think. $25

Large wood pulley that I was told was used to string powerlines. $25

Dovetailed wood box with no bottom or top. $10

Two wire milk crates $10 each.

Milk jug. Solid but with hole in the bottom. $15

Primitive stool $10

Banks Maxwell Fort Worth Texas 42″ wood propeller. $125

White wood cabinet with green painted inside. Size 18.5″x14″ x 6′ tall. $25

1950s kitchen table. Needs a good cleaning and polishing. $25

Antique singer sewing machine stand with machine inside. In pretty rough shape. $50

Sign 1 Side 2

Sign 1 Side 1

Sign 2 Side 2

Sign 2 Side 1

crock churn 4

crock church 4 back

pullys and churn

primitive wood stool

no glass weather vane

red glass weathervane

prop detail

lightning rods and propeller


philco predicta

thin white cabinet 02

thin white cabinet 01

milk crates and milk jug

1950s dining table

sewing machine from S

philco radio

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