New Items For 7/17/13

Large single sided heavy porcelain sign. The sign is 68’x28′ and originally had neon. It has just enough chips to give it character but not obscure the writing.  $150  The ironing board it is leaning on will give you an idea of how big it is.


Nice early heavy antique shabby chic bed.  Had a wonderful design on the headboard with a simple foot board.  This is a full size bed. It is the one with posts instead of a curved top. You can reference it as A3. I would like $125. (The shape of this one reminds me of a hardp 🙂  )


Antique white shabby chic bed with curved top . It is a double or full size bed. Very pretty and a good deal at $85.  You an reference it as A1. (This bed has casters but one wheel is missing on one caster. It can be replaced or the casters can just be removed)


Cute antique white shabby chic full size bed with hand painted roses. $85. You can reference it as A2.


Cute small chince cabinet. It is 30×23.5×11.5, It is not that old from the 80s according to the last owner. And it not made out of special woods or anything. But it is very cute and its cheap. The bottom back mainly has gotten wet and damaged at one point. It now has a new piece of solid wood across the back. The front of it looks fine. And you can see a little damage on the sides. But its only $35.


Cast iron singer sewing machine base. Missing the small wheels but over all in nice condition. $50


Vintage wagon in over all pretty good condition.  $35


Vintage wagon with broken piece on the front and missing one tire. Great piece to put flowers in. $15.


Vintage oak office chair.  Its a solid chair but has some chip and ding and rough spots on the back mainly on one side.  $50.


Two 1950s bent wood pharmacy chairs. Both chairs need recovered but have the original seats with original paperwork underneath. Both chairs are solid. $45 for the pair.


Vintage ironing board with interesting metal legs. $30


Vintage ironing board with cloth cover. $20


Vintage wood ironing board. $15

oak office chair bent wood pharmacy chairs shoes sign wood ironing board ironing board metal legs ironing board with clothchines cabinet wagon good wagon broken orange singer sewing machine base white bed A1 white bed A3 white bed A2

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