New Items 6/4/2013

Lots of great new items this week including some shabby chic wood furniture every one has been asking for. And of course gliders and many other great items. If you see something you like please contact me and tell me you want to buy it and I will save it for you. Remember it is always who ever sends the message first. That is the only fair way.

Nice vintage glider $125. Bird cage $20.

Nice yellow vintage glider. This one is nice but not as old or build as heavy as the other one. $75 (Has some surface rust but is not rusted throughand is still solid.)

Vintage barrister bookcase. These have a nice patina to them and are build very solid. The top piece is mising the glass. But the glass should be cheap for these you can have it cut at Lowes and Home Depot etc. I would have added the glass but several of you mentioned you would rather get these cheaper and add the glass yourself. These normally go for about $150 a section counting the legs as a section. I would like $175 for these.

Shabby Chic desk. Nice and sturdy with a great look to it. $75

Desk detail.

Two shabby chic chairs. $30 each.

Two shabby chic stools $20 each.

Blue and pink lawn chairs $25 each.

Assorted lawn chairs. The black one is missing one brace on one side but seems to work fine $10. The one next to the black chair is missing a bottom. But should be easy to make or find $10. The other chair and barstool are $20 each.

Chrome mid century modern chair. $25.

shabby chic desk shabby chic desk two shabby chic chairs shaby chic stools glider and bird cage pink and blue chair assorted chairs one missing seat crome mid century modern chair jebco barrister bookcase yellow double gliderjpg

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